In the Northside, for the Northside...
  • Outdoor Worship Services

    Due to Coronavirus, until further notice, worship services will be held outdoors (weather permitting).

  • Northside groups are a great place to connect with other people, discuss the Christian faith in community, and be prayed for. During this time, our groups are continuing to meet virtually through Zoom. If you are not currently part of a group and would like to join one, email Kelsi to get connected.

  • God has given His people different gifts and passions. We believe that God wants us to use these gifts and passions to love God and our neighbors. Engagement Teams are groups of people who come together to love our neighbors by serving the community in some capacity. Currently, we have teams serving in the following areas:
    Youth Life

    The Youth Life Engagement Team partners with Youth Life Foundation of Richmond (a local non-profit that runs after-school programs for elementary through high school students) to provide consistent volunteers who care about students' holistic growth and, through long-term relationships, evangelism, and discipleship, to welcome these students into the larger church body. Our purpose is to lead Youth Life students to spiritual, relational, personal, academic, and job-ready maturity.

    Mercy Response

    The Mercy Response Team shares the mercy God has given us by responding to requests for short-term financial assistance from members of the congregation or the community.

    Manor Care

    The Manor Care Team visits residents at Manor Care to share joy, conversation, crafts, and the gospel. This family-friendly team welcomes children to participate!

    Neighborhood Engagement

    The Neighborhood Engagement Team exists to provide ideas, encouragement, and accountability for those who are seeking to live as neighbors who "were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well" (1 Thessalonians 2:8). They do this by developing relationships with those who live around them, actively sharing the gospel, and serving practical needs identified by the community.

    Just Beginnings

    This team would provide a safe space for mothers of all stages, backgrounds, ages, and family situations to share their experiences of giving birth, provide emotional support before and after birth, and point each other towards practical resources. Recognizing the inequitable treatment in the healthcare system of women of color and teen mothers, we will seek to advocate for each other and care for each other according to the God-given dignity of every mother and baby.

    If you would like to join an engagement team, please contact Corinne Tucker via the form below.