In the Northside, for the Northside...

Since March 2020, our worship services have been fully recorded and are available on Facebook Live.

For prior services, audio of the sermons is available below.

Sermon Date:
DateAudioBulletinScriptureSeries TitlePreacher
2018-12-30Mark 9:14-29Special sermon - PrayerRandy Nabors
2018-12-24Luke 2Christmas EveMatt Lorish
2018-12-23John 1:1-5, 9-13Special sermonNii Aryee
2018-12-16Acts 16:1-10ActsJoel Passmore
2018-12-02Acts 15:22-35ActsMatt Lorish
2018-11-25Acts 14:23-15:21ActsJoel Passmore
2018-11-18Acts 14:19-22ActsTrevor Chin
2018-11-11Acts 14:1-18ActsMatt Lorish
2018-11-04Acts 13:44-52ActsMatt Lorish
2018-10-28Luke 18:9-14Special sermonWy Plummer