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  • We encourage you to follow the Northside Church daily Bible reading plan. Click the links in the table below to read each day's scripture. To learn more about the plan, click the "Instructions" tab above.

    DateNew TestamentOld Testament
    2024-07-22Rom 11:25-36Jud 10
    2024-07-23Rom 12:1-8Jud 11
    2024-07-24Rom 12:9-21Jud 12
    2024-07-25Rom 13Jud 13
    2024-07-26Rom 14:1-11Jud 14
    2024-07-27Ps 45
  • It is important to realize that the 'rewiring' work of the Spirit, by which he changes us from the inside out, is a supernatural process that cannot be directly linked to prayer and Bible study in a one-to-one ratio. While these disciplines are important tools for our spiritual maturity, we should not assume that their use automatically or proportionally makes the Holy Spirit work. Were the ratios exact, then legalistic uses of the disciplines of grace would be more pervasive than they already are. Instead, the Spirit seems to respond to humble repentance and dependence on God alone for changing the heart, and then to use the regenerated heart's longing for change to create new pursuits and godly passions.

    Holiness by Grace, Bryan Chapell

    We offer this plan as a potentially helpful tool for you to engage with God through his Word. The ideal is that this is a time of meditation – below the surface thinking about the realities revealed in the passage for the purpose of understanding, life-application, and prayer. We would recommend you set aside 10-15 minutes so you can pray for insight, read the passage, write something down (comments,questions, observations, etc.), and pray. If the readings seem overwhelming, feel free to start with just the New Testament readings.

    Additional Resources for Further Study

    Study Bibles
    For in depth reading and reflection of the Scriptures, a study Bible is a useful resource. These Bibles give important background information and insight that makes it easier to understand the Bible (especially the Old Testament). We recommend:
    Online Resources
    • How to Read the Bible Book by Book, by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart. A one volume orientation that contains a short introduction to each book of bible as well as reading hints.
    • How to Study Your Bible, by Kay Arthur. Provides simple tools to make observations, interpret scripture on your own, and apply to your life.